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Vermeer India educates machine owners to always use genuine/original Vermeer parts to avoid machine downtime and huge maintenance cost caused by unauthorized parts

Vermeer India educates machine owners to always use genuine/original Vermeer parts to avoid machine downtime and huge maintenance cost caused by unauthorized parts.

Machine owners could not realize the harm done by the counterfeit part until it was late, so the key message of this awareness campaign is to buy/use genuine Vermeer parts/tooling to be equipped to do more. There may be many reasons why machine owner takes such risk that is due to

– Wrong advice by the untrained/unauthorized person,

– Idea on saving some bucks on maintenance

– Convivence by the freelancer to use that part and consider that as good as Vermeer’s genuine part.

As per the research, there is 50-60 % of Horizontal Directional Drill owners are using counterfeit parts in their machines. Sometimes they purchase it directly through the freelancer or they get convinced that this part fits in your HDD drill and will work perfectly like Vermeer genuine parts.

A counterfeit part could be a prompt solution to your directional drill but as per the expert, it is not a good choice for your HDD Drill as it will cost you more in the coming days. These types of parts will lead to cause damage to other parts and as a result, you will see a sharp increase in the machine downtime & maintenance costs.

Counterfeit part = Higher Maintenance cost 

Apart from the high maintenance cost, there is also an invisible cost which gets increases similarly due to these damages and that is per day operational cost. 

Counterfeit part = Higher Maintenance cost + Higher operational cost

When finally, the machine gets down and the machine owner calls the authorized service person that means there is enough damage, and this is going to cost you.

Now it’s time for a complete repair. Vermeer service engineer will thoroughly check the machine and will prepare the list of damaged spare parts to fix the issue and to re-build that machine to equip you to do more at the site. HDD Machine owners shall call Vermeer service engineers at the regular interval for machine health checkups or services this will help them to avoid any major damage. A regular machine health checkup & service also helps to reduce your operation cost / less downtime and to enhance machine longevity and a higher resale value of your machine.

Vermeer India’s trained service engineer is working hard towards reinforcing machine owners at their Jobsite and giving their best to minimize machine downtime. We are committed to providing our service to every Vermeer machine owner. Here is some thumb rule for machine owner to follow some rules which will help them to the low part requirement and maximum uptime:

  • Register your Vermeer Machine with Vermeer India
  • Call Vermeer India service engineer to discuss the time for regular machine service
  • Ask them to provide the part list which shall be replaced
  • Prepare a list of regular part requirements and stock the same
  • Call our service team for machine-related issues for quick solutions
  • Invest in your machine operator and enroll them with the Vermeer operator training course

At Vermeer India, we already have stocked several parts for quick dispatch if you are looking for Vermeer parts or service support, please reach us at or you may call us on our Toll-free: 1800-120-5931. To know our offer on spare parts & Tooling Click Here