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Vermeer C430 Jobsite Story

Vermeer Jobsite Story

Vermeer Jobsite Story – C430 HDD

Project – Installation of 8” Steel Pipe for length of 268 meters at depth of 4.5 meters
Strata – Laterite Rock
Location – Thrissur
Reamer Type : Fluted reamer with shark teeth
Reamer Size : 8” 12” 18”
Pilot Time: 4 Days
Pulling Time: 3 Hour
Total Lenghth: 268 MTR


1. Installation along the highway with a curve of about 45 degree
2. Narrow road with traffic, shops, restaurants
3. Permission to work only during night hours


Customer Approach:

Customer owns this machine for more than 2 years and has completed more than 10 projects so far. This particular project was a bit different due to challenges mentioned above. The compact size of C430 played an important role here as the project was being executed along a very narrow road. With very tight deadlines in place, customer decided to go ahead with up to 18” reaming. They completed it in 3 stages of 8”, 12” and 18” at the end. With work allowed only during night hours, it took them 4 days to finish the pilot and reaming stages. Once complete, the pulling was done within 3 hours (00:30 to 03:30).


With challenges like narrow and busy road, curve of 45 degree, Vermeer C430 was able to complete the job successfully within the deadline.