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PD5R Pile Driver

The solar industry continues to surge, and your installation operations can’t be slowed down.

You need a machine that moves agilely around the jobsite, installing piles efficiently and helping make your crew more productive to get the job done right. The new Vermeer PD5R pile driver can help deliver this efficiency to your operations. Offering a solar solution for a light weight, remote-controlled pile driver, the PD5R brings the power and reliability of the Vermeer pile driver lineup to a small machine that can move from pile to pile accurately and efficiently. The PD5R is ideal for smaller installs, or on more congested jobsites, when maneuvering the machine around needs to be done quickly and with less time spent setting up and tearing down. With a mast that can remain fully assembled and stowed parallel with the tracks, and a rotating platform, transporting this machine can be done with less time and less hassle. The PD5R pile driver is a solar solution to help you drive more efficiently.

Features and benefits

Make and ModelCAT C2.2T CRDI
Cooling MediumLiquid
Fuel TypeUltra-low sulfur diesel
EPA Certification FamilyTier 4F/EU Stage IIIB
Make and ModelCAT C2.2T
Cooling MediumLiquid
Fuel TypeDiesel
EPA Certification FamilyTier 3 (Stage IIIA CA)
Laser receiverOptional
Remote ControlStandard
Rotating platformStandard
Hammer pull-downStandard
Hydraulic pump typeParker PGP315 Gear
Track driveRubber tracks
Impact drive typeHigh-frequency hammer
Maximum hammer impact1500 bpm
Maximum pile dimension (rectangle - large opening)6.7 in x 9.3 in (17 cm x 23.6 cm)