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BioMass Equipment

Vermeer is helping contractors, farmers, ranchers, and foresters take advantage of the new and emerging opportunities in biomass collection, harvest and processing. Biomass is defined as any organic material made from plants or animals and includes items such as urban wood waste, forestry residues, perennial grass crops, agricultural residues and municipal solid wastes. Biomass can be used to make biofuel, such as cellulosic ethanol; biopower, such as heat and electricity; or new bioproducts which would otherwise be petroleum based.

According to many industry experts, the increasing demand for energy will position biomass in addition to other renewable sources for tremendous growth in today’s environmentally conscious world. In fact, for years many companies around the globe have been collecting waste by-products produced during day-to-day operations to be used as “biomass” for the production of power. Its importance will only continue to grow as the supplies of coal, oil and natural gas are depleted.

When properly produced, collected and processed, biomass can make a significant difference in how we sustainably power and provide mobility to the world in which we live. And as global efforts to recycle and repurpose waste products are expanded, the need for innovative processing equipment will continue to grow.

Vermeer manufactures some of the best brush chippers, whole tree chippers and grinders in the industry. This equipment is critical to contractors and loggers working in these emerging markets to process wood waste into valued materials. Farmers, ranchers and custom operators utilize mowers, rakes and balers in the collection of crop residues which is then used in a variety of ways from feed and livestock bedding to biopower or cellulosic ethanol.

As the Vermeer product line continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of current and new customers, the knowledge we have and the groundwork we build today will help propel this important industry forward.

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