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Vermeer builds trailed mowers for performance and efficiency.

Many mowers have 3-point hook-up, with mounting brackets that take time to hook and unhook. Vermeer redesigned the way trailed mowers attach to tractors, using an easy as a drop of a pin hook-up system and plenty of other innovative features.  The Vermeer trailed mowers also require less horsepower and offer better flotation than 3-point mowers. Light and efficient, easy to use and easy to maintain, Vermeer trailed mowers are the ones you want behind your tractor. 

Equipment model Working Width Minimum Horsepower Required
TM600 12.4 ft ( 3.8 m ) Not applicable hp
TM700 13.6 ft ( 4.1 m ) Not applicable hp
TM800 14.9 ft ( 4.5 m ) Not applicable hp
TM850 15.8 ft ( 4.8 m ) Not applicable hp
TM1200 22 ft ( 6.7 m ) Not applicable hp
TM1400 24.5 ft ( 7.5 m ) Not applicable hp