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Biomass Energy and Vermeer EV Solutions

Biomass Energy

“Earth is experiencing changes in its climate that will no doubt have a long-term impact. Since 2005, we have experienced 10 of the warmest years on record. In response, we must continuously develop and evolve renewable energy solutions like wind and solar that don’t emit greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.  


Despite the pandemic, the amount of renewable capacity created in 2020 was up 45% from 2019. It showed the largest rate of annual increase since 1999.


Vermeer has a dedicated range of equipment that supports the renewable energy markets, such as solar, wind and biomass projects that are helping to combat the impact of climate change. We are backed by years of experience developing innovative product solutions for customers around the globe. 


Here in India, we are working towards introducing our EV segment products which will help the biomass contractors, municipal corporations, landscape & horticultural companies in many ways. Example: with the help of Vermeer EV machine a biomass contractor can increase their per day production of fine biomass raw material and biomass industry would be benefitted to get the right raw material they want for further process. A fine raw material like wood chips with the particular specification specially used to make biofuels, such as briquette etc.


Recently Vermeer India has launched a series of webinars specially focused on the biomass industry. In that we are targeting to the sectors like biomass, landscape, horticulture, Municipal Corporation and Solid Waste Management companies to introduce the Vermeer EV segment and how our machines can make the difference in their projects.


We are very confident that Vermeer machine are capable to perform different jobs as required by the biomass professionals or government authorities. These products can be used for various projects like converting wood into chips for boiler, briquette industry or Municipal Corporation needing a partner to keep the city clean from the tree branches, bushes and waste received after pruning the trees. Vermeer brush chipper also plays a very important role to solve the issue of fallen tree branches during storm which may cause the city road blockage.


On 23rd February 2022 Vermeer India organized its first webinar. This was attended by 66 main companies working in the biomass segment. We are overwhelmed with the response we received from the Indian Market. This gave us confidence that Vermeer can play influential role in the Indian biomass Industry in coming days.


“National Biomass Mission” was one of the key participants of our Biomass webinar. As it’s an government entity which is on a mission to promote the biomass and it’s use to convert the most biomass available today and to use it as biofuel.


Here is the key product we have introduced to the companies during the webinar:

  • Brush Chipper
  • Woodchipper
  • Horizontal Grinder
  • Tub Grinder
  • Trommel screen
  • Compost Turner


In case you have any inquiry on any of the product mentioned above, you may reach us or call us on our Toll Free: 1800-120-5931”