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D24X40 Vermeer HDD refurbished Machine is available

Vermeer HDD refurbished

More Torque, Fewer Stuck Bores.
Before designing the D24x40A NAVIGATOR™ machine, we visited job sites like yours to learn more about day-to-day problems, like stuck bores. Then we built the D24x40A to deliver 4000 ft-lb (5415 Nm) of torque.With 125 HP (93 kw),

it has the muscle you need to power your operation through the worst conditions and it gives you the peace of mind to get you through the day.

The D24x40A is designed to fit a long list of productivity-enhancing features into a compact, maneuverable machine. An ergonomically designed operator’s station with two-handle control, for example, reduces operator error and increases control during rotation, thrust and pullback.

Operating the D24x40A is also made easier with the Power Vise and Stationary Stakedown system. And everything from the rack, power pack, water pump and 500’ (152.4 m) of Vermeer®

Drill Unit
Length: 203” (516 cm) Width: 79” (201 cm)

Height: 85” (216 cm)

Weight: 16,600 lbs. (7530 kg)

Hydraulic pipe vise:Yes – Power Vise

Transport speed: .75 mph (.56 km/h)

Rod loader:Yes

Stationary Stakedown system:Yes

Drilling lights:Yes

Maximum spindle torque: 4000 ft-lb (5415 Nm) @ 131 RPM 3000 ft-lb (4061 Nm) @ 174 RPM 1300 ft-lb (1760 Nm) @ 262 RPM

Actual pullback: 23,800 lbs. (10, 796 kg)

Actual thrust: 17,900 lbs. (8119 kg)

Maximum spindle speed: 260 RPM

Electrical system: 12-volt DC Water System
Maximum flow: 19/38 gpm (72/144 Lpm)

Maximum pressure: 1600/800 psi (110.3/55.2 bar) Power Source
Engine: Cummins 4BTA3.9 Gross HP: 125 HP (93 kw)

Maximum governed speed: 2200 RPM

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