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Service Story – How Temporary fix leads to bigger problem in D100x120 SII

Service Story – Temporary fix leads to bigger problem

MachineD100x120 SII


  • Machine starting issue
  • Thrust and rotation was not working

User Approach : A call was received for above mentioned issues on D100x120 SII machine. This is a bigger machine and specially used in pipeline projects. The down time for this machine would mean delay in project completion and ultimately compromising on the profits.  

Vermeer India Approach :

Vermeer India service engineer visited the site on very next day. He thoroughly checked the machine with the standard Vermeer parameters and found the following issue:

  • Machine starting issue
  • Thrust and rotation was not working
  • Drill/Transport mode was not functioning properly
  • Joystick for thrust and rotation was malfunctioning
  • On drill mode – only one track was operated by the joystick

Vermeer Solution :

Upon completion of his inspection, it was observed that machine has lot of electrical system bypass. Vermeer Engineer worked on one problem at a time.

  • It was found that battery of the machine was not fully charged. Upon charging the battery, he was able to start the machine.
  • Alternator was not generating proper voltage supply to machine controller. After the alternator was repaired, the issue was resolved.
  • For the electrical bypass, Vermeer Engineer recommended to replace the electrical harness with the  new one. The quick fix like bypass solves the problem temporarily but it becomes bigger problem in future.

Conclusion :

In this case, the decision for temporary fix led to further issues and downtime on the machine. It could have been easily avoided by taking timely corrective actions. This temporary fix led to short term solution but incurred in long term loss for the customer. Vermeer always thinks about the customers and their profitability but strictly avoids any temporary fix on the machine.  0 Grid