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Vermeer Terrain Leveler surface excavation machines deliver more than rock-penetrating power

Vermeer Terrain Leveler surface excavation machines (SEM’s) combine productivity with precision, and are built to handle big jobs in your surface mine, quarry, civil construction or site prep application.

Comprised of tractor and attachment, you have the ability to switch between the chain drive or direct drive Terrain Leveler attachment for surface mining, overburden removal, road construction or soil remediation and trencher attachment for installing large-diameter pipe for energy, sewer, water and gas applications.

The Terrain Leveler SEM is designed to maximize machine simplicity with a hydrostatic transmission that provides less moving parts compared to mechanical systems. Wide track width and low center of gravity provide stability – while dual hydrostatic tracks allow for maximum maneuverability – including 360-degree counter-rotation. The rear-mounted drum and top-down cutting helps minimize machine contact with the cut material, and the tilt mechanism on the drum helps manage the floor or bench to allow a formation of a flat, smooth floor.

Cut to plan with the addition of a grade control system which can help improve cutting accuracy and operator consistency. SmartTEC performance software, available on all Terrain Leveler SEM’s, makes adjusting controls and recording machine productivity more efficient and the ability to view SmartTEC information through the telematics lens helps the fleet manager monitor the machine’s performance.

The advantages of the Vermeer technology are numerous:

  • Access areas of surface mines where drilling and blasting cannot be done due to local regulatory restrictions placed on the use and storage of explosives
  • Reduce noise, dust and vibration compared to drill and blast
  • Produce a smaller, more consistent particle size, helping to eliminate the primary crusher step
  • Use the Terrain Leveler SEM for haul road construction and maintenance
Equipment model Gross Horsepower Width Ranges
T855III Terrain Leveler SEM 350 hp ( 261 kw ) 101"-104" (256.5 cm - 264.2 cm)
T955III Terrain Leveler SEM Not applicable hp 114 " (289.6 cm)
T1055III Terrain Leveler SEM Not applicable hp 116 " - 122 " (294.6 cm - 309.9 cm)
T1155III Terrain Leveler SEM 540 hp ( 402.7 kw ) 118"-120" (292.1 cm - 304.8 cm)
T1255III Chain Drive Terrain Leveler SEM 600 hp ( 447.4 kw ) 134" (340.4 cm)
T1255III Direct Drive Terrain Leveler SEM 600 hp ( 447.4 kw ) 134" (340.4 cm)
T1655III Terrain Leveler SEM 1200 hp ( 894.8 kw ) 20.4' (6.2 m) - with Terrain Leveler attachment