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Self-propelled Balers

Vermeer self-propelled balers take the tractor out of the equation and offer an unprecedented level of operator comfort and maneuverability.

Vermeer self-propelled balers bring speed, maneuverability and operator comfort to the haymaking process. Baling automation completes the bale process with one push of a button and lets operators make real-time adjustments based on field, crop and operator inputs.

The cab is uniquely positioned over a patent-pending suspension system for a smoother, more comfortable ride. In the cab, wide-field visibility and a camera system let operators view bale formation – from the intake to bale ejection – without having to turn and look back, reducing operator fatigue. Go from windrow-to-windrow or navigate narrow fields with zero-turn capabilities. And rally from field-to-field at transport speeds of 30+ mph.